Let TrackMan Capture, Brand and Share your Event

TrackMan’s easy-to-use event software captures memorable moments at your next golf outing, fundraiser, or member/guest tournament. Every participant receives a custom report with recorded video and club data, leaderboards, and explanatory graphics. Add your logo and message to every email allowing for continued follow-up and communication.

How It Works

Without slowing down the pace of play, each participant hits their normal tee shot from a designated tee box while being recorded by our Trackman 4 and high-speed cameras. 

Upon completion of the round, each participant will immediately receive their emailed report that will be sure to make for good conversation during the post-round dinner and beyond.

What is included in the emailed report

9 Key Club & Ball Data Parameters

Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Spine Rate, Carry Distance, Height, Landing Angle, Total Distance.

High Speed Videos

Face on and Side View. Comparison to a PGA or LPGA pro is also included.

TrackMan Education

Don’t worry if the numbers are confusing to you. The Trackman education report provides an easy-to-understand walkthrough of all the data.

PGA & LPGA Tour Averages

Compare your numbers to the averages on the PGA and LPGA tours. For example, knowing that simply changing your attack angle by 1 degree could result in a 15-yard increase.


Compete against each golfer in the event with live leaderboards. No more using proxy signs for longest drive contests. Our TrackMan will record the longest drive as well as the fastest club & ball speeds.

Sponsorship & Messages

Connect each golfer to your brand. Include any message you want along with logos, videos and clickable links. Email addresses will be collected from every participant that will allow for post-event communication.

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    • Includes up to 150 miles round trip
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